Dean Becker

9639 Railton St
Houston, TX 77080


Quality Control Manager & Inspector / Auditor / Project Analyst
10 + years doing Quality Control and inspection of oil tools, computer parts and various rig components. Familiar with OSHA, ISO 9000 standards, calibration and basic industry standards. 20 + years experience as an independent inspector, auditor and analyst for more than 100 oil and gas producers.

Manufacturing Experience

NL Schaffer
Ran saws, drill press. Made flanges and gaskets.

Texas Instruments
Drill press, manual lathe, manual mills, NC mill, line inspector, designed methods improvements.

Spring Branch Machine Shop
QC Manager, inspected oil tools, satellite parts, developed QC & calibration standards.

QC, Inspected overhead cranes and component parts used primarily in the oil and gas industry.

Complete Drilling Solutions
Q.C. Mgr. for oil rig structures: mud pump skids, BOP housings, hydraulic cat walks, etc.

Audit / Analyst / Inventory

H. Gen Brown Audit Services
Junior Auditor. Assisted senior auditors in oil and gas Joint Venture and Revenue audits and inventories around the US.

Kannon Audit Services
Developed reporting standards, designed world's first computer generated processes to expedite audit reports and to aid in response/rebuttal phase. Managed CPA teams of Oil & Gas auditors.

Independent Contractor
Served more than 100 oil companies providing inspection, accounting, audit services, project analysis. Familiar with Industry standards, C.O.P.A.S. Partnership Negotiations, Acquisitions, Conversions, Litigation Support and Settlement.